Lisburn police deal with 111 calls over St Patrick's Day


Among the 111 calls Lisburn and Castlereagh police have received over the last 24 hours were six domestic incidents, 14 anti social behaviour reports and 10 'concern for safety' calls.

Listing all of the incidents they attended while St Patrick's Day celebrations raged and officer policed a band parade through the city centre, the PSNI also made one arrest for assault, one for assault and criminal damage and one arrest for drink driving.

They said: "Over the last 24 hours in Lisburn & Castlereagh we have received 111 calls, which included the following…

1 Arrest for Assault

1 Arrest for Assault & Criminal Damage

1 Arrest for multiple driving offences

1 Arrest for Burglary

1 Arrest for Drink Driving

6 Domestic Incidents

14 Reports of AntiSocial Behaviour

10 Concern for Safety Calls

7 Reports of Making Off Without Payment

2 Thefts

Plus a Band Parade through the city centre."