Lisburn man’s new app: Make your voice heard

SUSSD has been created by Lisburn entrepreneur, Callum Curry.
SUSSD has been created by Lisburn entrepreneur, Callum Curry.

A former Wallace High School student has launched a new app which allows people in Northern Ireland the chance to get involved in important political issues.

SUSSD has been launched this week and gives you the opportunity to get involved in the issues that matter to them before they’re debated at Stormont right from the palm of their hands. From health to education and the economy to agriculture, if you have an opinion you can voice it at SUSSD.

Entrepreneur Callum Curry (25) ​from Lisburn, ​creator of SUSSD, said: “I wanted to create an app to provide the Northern Ireland public with a service that could assist with transparency and accountability whilst giving users responsibility for voicing their opinions on a platform which can be easily and instantly accessed by their representatives.

“SUSSD will revolutionise how political matters are reported as our representatives will be able to gauge what the community is thinking on any subject being debated at Stormont in real time. This has never been possible before.”

SUSSD is fully integrated with popular social media enabling users to engage with their peers, friends and colleagues to share their opinions and poll results on their social media pages.

The free to download app gives users the opportunity to discuss the issues of the day in real time and provides politicians with instant access to public opinion keeping them better informed.

Download the app, for free, from the App Store now.