Lisburn Friends transfer meetings to Hillsborough

Friends Meeting House in Hillsborough
Friends Meeting House in Hillsborough

Lisburn Friends (Quakers) are transferring their Sunday morning meeting for worship to the Friends Meeting House on Park Street in Hillsborough on Sunday 26 July and Sunday 30 August.

The meeting is usually held in the grounds of Lisburn’s Friends School at Magheralave Road.

Friends has been established in Hillsborough since 1692 but for many years regular Sunday meetings have not been held in the village.

The original Meeting House was on another site inside the present Hillsborough Castle grounds.

That building was vested by the Marquis of Downshire when the estate was enlarged in 1836.At that time Lord Hillsborough granted a plot of land and a replacement building for Friends on Park Street, opposite the present Downshire Tennis Club.

Meetings are held at 11am and everyone is welcome to join in Friends’ traditional worship in this new setting on these dates.