Lisburn church offer free Christmas dinners for residents

A Christmas dinner
A Christmas dinner

A local church are to provide free Christmas dinners to residents in Lisburn who are set to spend the day on their own.

The Lagan Valley Vineyard Church will be welcoming local people to enjoy a free Christmas dinner on December 25.

The lunch is free of charge and is simply a gift to anyone who is concerned about feeling lonely or isolated on Christmas day, they can accommodate 65 people and more if required.

Yvette Wilkinson from the church said that if your Christmas isn’t going to be a traditional family affair, then you are very welcome to the Christmas Lunch at Lagan Valley Vineyard Church.

She said: “Christmas is about family, community and friends. It’s a complete tragedy that people in our community would be on their own at this time.

“It doesn’t take much for someone to be alone - maybe they have lost someone close to them or recently separated and found themselves alone.

“Christmas on your own can be a very sad time. Something like this, which is an easy thing to organise can have such a big impact on someone’s personal wellbeing and self-worth.

“It’s a difficult time of year, we have fantastic agencies in our city who offer support, such as Women’s Aid, The Simon Community, the local health trust and churches.

“Christmas is a wonderful opportunity for local agencies to work in partnership together to help reduce the number of people locally who face the prospect of spending Christmas on their own.

“Many of us are aware of someone who may feel lonely on Christmas Day, someone on our street or in our workplace, a simple invitation could make all the difference to them.”

The Christmas lunch is being held from 12.30-3.30pm on Christmas day.

“The lunch is open to anyone and we are really looking forward to welcoming people to enjoy Christmas lunch together,” Yvette added.

To book your free place at the meal go to

Or you can book by phone before December 23 by calling 02892671887.