Kind hearted Traffic Warden helps driver

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The Christmas spirit is well and truly alive in Lisburn after a traffic warden offered a woman 20p so she would avoid getting a ticket.

The woman had parked her car outside Seymour Dugan Interiors and believed she had one hour of parking for free.

The traffic warden entered the shop and asked if the driver was inside as he was about to place a ticket on the car.

After giving her the chance to pay for the parking herself, he kindly offered her the coin when she revealed she only had large notes.

Local businessman Seymour of Seymour Dugan Interiors saw the act of charity and contacted the Ulster Star to praise the Warden for his Christmas spirit.

Seymour said: “The traffic warden came into the shop and asked if anybody was parked on the street.

“When the customer got out to the car she realised that she only had large notes so she asked him if he would mind waiting while she ran to get change.

“He asked her long was she going to be, she said ten minutes as she was only purchasing a rug.

“He gave her a 20p coin to put into the machine to give her the time needed to purchase the rug. I thought that was a really nice.”

Seymour added: “She was absolutely delighted when she came in to tell me what had happened. People can mistakes when it comes to parking and usually they get punished. This warden saw sense and did a nice thing, she wasn’t from Lisburn but this reflects well on the city. You find if people come to Lisburn and get a ticket, then they don’t come back.

“They always get a bad press but this man did his best to help the woman out and it’s great to see especially at this time of year.”