Killer clown craze could leave victims ‘mentally scarred for life’

A killer clown was spotted in Crumlin recently, this image was placed on the Crumlin Residents Facebook page.
A killer clown was spotted in Crumlin recently, this image was placed on the Crumlin Residents Facebook page.

The ‘killer clown craze’ could leave many victims mentally scarred for life, especially those of a ‘very nervous disposition’, a Lagan Valley MLA has warned.

Mr Robbie Butler, UUP Spokesperson on Mental Health, called on the community to “give whatever assistance they can to the police in helping to stamp out the potentially fatal so-called killer clown craze” which has already appeared in the constituency.

Assemblyman Butler, and a former emergency services worker with 16 years’ experience, issued his appeal after photos of the so-called ‘craze’ appeared on social media.

Mr Butler said: “We want this ‘craze’ stopped before it starts to spread in Lagan Valley. I issue a plea to young people who may be considering taking part in the pathetic ‘killer clown craze’ which is now sweeping Northern Ireland – please think twice before someone is either seriously hurt or dies.

“What may seem like a bit of fun, could end up in a criminal record that could affect the rest of your life. Even more seriously, the shock of seeing one of these so-called ‘killer clowns’ could leave people of any age suffering from nervous conditions for a long time afterwards.

“The act itself is highly irresponsible where sad individuals get a kick out of frightening old and young alike. If this childish and potentially fatal ‘craze’ is not eradicated, we could have a situation where an elderly person, or any individual with a heart condition, dies from the fright.”

He added: “I am raising this serious issue after a photo on social media, reportedly taken outside a school, was brought to my attention. I certainly do not want a repeat of this situation to affect schools or venues where people congregate in Lagan Valley.

“These ‘killer clown craze’ activities tie up over-stretched PSNI resources as well as providing cover for other crime. I appeal to the entire community to assist the police in putting an end to this latest anti-social scourge. Already, the police have footage of this so-called ‘killer clown’ in Lisburn,” said Assemblyman Butler.