Kerry tells how she finally cracked her weight issues

The new slimmer Kerry Eastwood
The new slimmer Kerry Eastwood

Lisburn woman Kerry Eastwood, who dropped two dress sizes has bagged herself a new career thanks to Slimming World.

The 30-year-old and mother-of-two re-launched the Largymore Primary School, Slimming World group on Tuesday. The group meet each Tuesday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

The old Kerry

The old Kerry

Kerry had been trying to lose weight from she was a teenager, and had tried endless diets but soon slipped into her old eating habits.

It was only after her second son was born, in 2012,that she was at her heaviest and knew that she had to do something.

When she first joined Slimming World she soon discovered the benefits of the diet.

“I could eat proper meals and never felt hungry,” she said. “I threw myself into Food Optimising, tried lots of new recipes and managed to lose over two stone,” she said.

“However, as much as I enjoyed the plan I stopped staying to group and missed a weigh in here and there. I started to become complacent and my losses slowed, then I stopped going altogether and started to gain the weight I had worked so hard to lose. Without the support of a group it was just too difficult to keep motivated and stay committed.”

After her weight crept up again, she joined a Slimming World class in January.

“As soon as I was back to Food Optimising I was losing weight nearly every week, whilst eating three good meals a day, never being hungry - and I could still have treats,” she said. “Without ever having to count a calorie - it’s all done for me, and that’s why the plan is so simple.

“However, if I had a difficult week and was disappointed I still felt encouraged by those around me and it spurred me on to plan a great week so I could get back on track, they would help me plan for the situations I was finding difficult and make great suggestions to help stay on track.

“The best thing about Slimming World is that it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. You never have to feel deprived or isolated when it comes to food choices. I cook healthy meals that we all enjoy as a family, my kids love home made bolognese, cottage pies and pastas. My favourites are sweet and sour chicken, carbonara or Singapore noodles.

“I am so pleased I stepped through that door again in January. The support from my consultant and fellow members helped me lose 2stone 3 lbs so far, with just a little to go to target - and this time I know I’m going to get there, especially with my consultant and group by my side.

“I know that even if I have a small gain or maintain that the key is staying to group, you will never be greeted with judgement or negativity.”

For more information about the group contact Kerry on 07842 635167.