Jason receives the Jimmy Millar cup


Local councillor Jonathan Craig paid tribute to a young man Jason Bodell and his mother Joanna recently at the Autism summer scheme in Trinity Community Hall.

Jason was the first recipient of the Jimmy Miller Cup at Ballymacash Primary School, which he was presented for the best improved pupil in the Outreach team.

The Jimmy Millar Cup was presented jointly by the Lisburn North Community Association represented by their Chair Mrs Margaret Mcilmail and Cllr Jonathan Craig to Ballymacash Primary to both mark and pay tribute to the achievements of the former chair of the community association.

Jimmy had been the architect behind the new housing at Windameer and had secured both the playground and the MUGA pitch attached to the school which were delivered by the then Lisburn City Council.

Mr Craig said, “Both Margaret and myself felt it was a fitting tribute to Jimmy Millar that a cup for best improvement in sport be presented to the school as Jimmy was a keen sports player in his youth having played soccer for several local clubs.

He went onto say, “He was an individual who selflessly gave up his time to serve his community and he did so well. He was recognised for his work and given the Mayor’s Award for volunteering.

“The major improvements in Ballymacoss and Ballymacash and the community house were only there because of him. The traffic lights in Knockmore and Winderemere were there because of his strong lobbying.

“The 300 social housing at Ballymacoss and Windermere are only there because of the lobbying from him and residents. When you look at it, he did so much for the area and did it in such a selfless way.”

Principal of the school Stephen Gray, spoke of his delight at receiving the cup and paid tribute to Jimmy and the work he carried out for both the school and the local community.

Jimmy was a founding member of the Lisburn North Community Association and died, almost two years ago at the age of 77. He had set up the group 30 years ago.

Originally from Ambleside at Ballymacoss he had been a resident at Lagan Vale in Moira and had two sons Gary and Gordon.

He was also ahead of his time when he introduced a Holiday Club a centrepiece of the club’s programme with an annual holiday to Wales and Blackpool and regular shopping trips across the province.