Is Lisburn set for a 20mph speed limit?

Lisburn city centre
Lisburn city centre

Lisburn could be on the road to the 20mph speed limit zones which are comng to Belfast at the end of the month.

The new, lowered speed limits are aimed at improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians without inconveniencing car drivers.

And Lagan Valley MP Jeffrey Donaldson says he would welcome similar moves in some areas of Lisburn.

Mr Donaldson said that such a speed limit would be a good idea on certain roads across the city, especially those close to local schools.

“I have had requests from residents in Lisburn, who have complained about speeding traffic, especially in areas close to schools,” he said.

“At the moment the speed restrictions have been introduced in Belfast and I have been told that if successful the scheme will be rolled out to other areas, and I have been assured Lisburn will be included.

“I believe that 20mph speed restriction will be very beneficial.

“The Low Road is a good example where the speed limit zones should be introduced. It would make the road safer for all road users especially those pedestrians and children who would be crossing to access the two schools Forthill Primary and Forthill Integrated College.

“I have raised this with Transport NI on a number of occasions. I know that similar 20mph speed restriction schemes have already started in GB.

“Although we would welcome this, it would also need the support of local residents before any decisions are made.

“The Low Road is busy and is used by many children. Even though the school sites are on the Belfast Road a lot of children would enter the school through the Low Road. There are no traffic calming measures on this road and so speed restrictions would be a good idea.”

A spokesperson for DRD said it had no plans to introduce 20mph speed restrictions to Lisburn. The spokesperson said the 20mph speed restrictions in Belfast being introduced at the end of January were part of the Department’s commitment to the Northern Ireland Road Safety Strategy.

“We believe these schemes will improve safety for all users of Belfast city centre particularly pedestrians and cyclists without causing any undue inconvenience for car drivers,” he said.

“All the pilots will be closely monitored to evaluate their effectiveness and may be rolled out to similar areas in other parts of Northern Ireland.

“The 20mph speed limits will be signed clearly. Additional black and yellow information signs and variable messaging signs will also be erected to highlight the change in speed limit.”

The scheme was to be introduced in December in Belfast but postponed until after Christmas.