Internet trolls target councillor

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Lisburn Councillor Luke Poots, son of Health Minister Edwin Poots, has vowed that social media trolls who have been targeting him with threats and abuse, will not deter him from his work representing the people of Lisburn.

Mr Poots, who represents the Downshire ward, became the target of internet trolls who have been using Facebook and Twitter to threaten him and his family as a result of the position taken by his father, particularly on the issues of gay adoption and blood donation.

Despite the threats and abuse, Mr Poots has said he is determined to continue his work in the community but has reported the incidents to the police.

“I am the third generation of my family in politics and these people are trying to break us down,” said Mr Poots. “They think these actions will be more upsetting to my father than targeting him directly. I was brought up in a loving family with a loving father and I won’t be distancing myself from my family because certain people don’t agree with his positions.”

As well as threats and vile abuse on Facebook and Twitter, Mr Poots has also received letters and telephone calls. Suspicious vehicles have also been spotted by neighbours close to the Poots’ family farm.

This is not the first time that he has been subject to threats and police are currently investigating the matter.