Insane charity challenge raises thousands for Nepal appeal

An insane charity event in Maghaberry has raised thousands of pounds for the Nepal appeal.

On April 25 the Gorkha or Nepal earthquake struck the Himalayan region of Asia, leaving a trail of devastation and despair in its wake. More than 8,000 people lost their lives and injured countless others changing families and peoples lives forever.

As Charity and Aid agencies mobilised around the world, in Maghaberry local man Sam Bradford of Pulse Fitness Moira decided to take action and create an event that would raise vital monetary assistance for the ‘Disaster Emergency Committee’.

“My fiancé Ruth had trekked in that region a few years ago and brought back many stories and memories that will remain with her a lifetime,” explained Mr Bradford. “After the disaster struck I suppose it was the conversations that Ruth and I had that gave me the determination to do something for those poor suffering people.”

Pulse fitness in cooperation with Tracy Crothers and the Maghaberry Community Association have been running 6am daily Insanity Bootcamp training sessions since October and having built up a large community of Insanity patrons decided that this group would take on the incredible challenge of a 24 hour Insanity event held at the community centre.

Initially a target of £1000 was predicted with Facebook being the main source of communication and advertisement. Local business PRM chilled foods distribution and its Director Philip Morrow readily offered sponsorship and supported the organising team throughout.

Thomas Beckett, the Mayor of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council, attended in the afternoon of the event to lend his support and offer encouragement to the participants.

The local Fire station in Lisburn offered support not only by bringing a Fire appliance but special thanks must be given to Green Watch for their donation and Red Watch for taking up the challenge made by Councillor Robbie Butler and participating in 1 of the hour long sessions.

Councillor Butler added: “On being invited to assist Sam in this event I was astounded by the generosity of people and their willingness to put themselves out to help.

“The event was broken into hour long segments with people taking part ranging from teenagers to retired pensioners. Strangely the middle of the night slots filled up quickly with the 12 to 1 am ‘Onesy’ slot being particularly popular.

“ I was delighted to be there for the 24hours and can genuinely say that this was one of the best charitable events i have taken part in.”

Mr Bradford went on to say: “ Words cant really express my gratitude to all those that took part. However if I can I must thank all those that contributed to our final total which stands at more than £2500. A huge effort. I would like to thank the Mayor for his support, Red and Green Watch Lisburn Fire Service for taking part, Philip Morrow and PRM for their generosity and the people behind the scenes that supported us with refreshments and food.

“I would like to pay a special tribute to my team of Instructors that gave more than their all for this cause. Tracy Crothers, Centre Manager and leading female Instructor on the day, Amanda Sherry, Robert Mitten and Gary Doran and to our local Councillor Robbie Butler who showed that even at his age when the need is great we can all dig that little bit deeper to help.”