Illegal fireworks are ‘bang out of order’

Police have warned local residents about illegal fireworks.
Police have warned local residents about illegal fireworks.

Halloween is coming and Police in Lisburn have issued a warning about illegally held fireworks.

The advice comes after local officers have received a number of complaints about fireworks in the district.

On Lisburn PSNI Facebook page they posted: “The bottom line is that you must have a licence to possess fireworks in Northern Ireland, and if you don’t you’re breaking the law. The only exception is for sparklers and indoor fireworks. Certain types of fireworks are always illegal, including bangers and spinners.

“There’s a good reason that you can only purchase then from approved retailers too.

“Think of it this way - if you do decide to try and get some fireworks anyway, how safe do you think those rockets you bought at the market, car boot sale or off that random guy in the street are?

“There’s no firework worth blowing up yourself or your mates for. We’ll be responding to reports of misuse of fireworks - you’ve been warned!”