Historian seeks ghostwriter to help pen book about infamous murderers and grave robbers

Local historian Shaun Cheyne is seeking a ghost writer.
Local historian Shaun Cheyne is seeking a ghost writer.

A local historian is seeking a ghostwriter to help him put together a book about the infamous murdering grave robbers, Burke and Hare.

Retired historical/genealogical researcher, Shaun Cheyne from Lisburn has spent the last eight years researching the ancestry of the infamous pair, who murdered 16 people in Edinburgh in the early part of the 19th century.

Shaun, who has over 30 years of experience in his field is now looking to put together what he has discovered about them, their Irish genealogical roots and their particular areas of local residence, into a fascinating book.

Due to his deteriorating health he has appealed for a ghostwriter to help him take on the project and write up the fascinating and macabre historical tales of murder.

Shaun said: “With my love of historical and genealogical research I have the story of their deeds, family backgrounds in a very rough order even backed up in various computer formats. But I am a historical and genealogical researcher, through and through definitely not a writer. It has plenty of potential especially the new genealogy research but I have it in historical list form and I even have a couple of relevant illustrations.”

He added: “It would be a challenge but I believe I have researched all the possible Irish angles, other authors about the same subject concentrate on their gory deeds in Scotland with practically nothing about their Irish roots. It would need a prospective author with some writing experience and ability, a love of history and touch of the macabre.”

Those interested should contact Shaun via email on shaunpeter57@gmail.com.