Hillhall WI learn about the art of making butter

Fundraisers at Bow Street
Fundraisers at Bow Street

Hillhall WI President, Mrs Roberta Ferguson welcomed Alison and Will Abernethy who told the ladies at the most recent meeting of their wonderful four year journey from sheep farming to award winning artisan butter makers.

Alison gave a lighthearted and very interesting commentary while Will demonstrated the art of butter making in a 70 year old paddle churn. He then rolled the butter between wooden butter pats in the traditional way before wrapping it in grease proof paper and brown papers sealed with the distinctive Abernethy label with a two gold star Good Taste Award sticker.

Their butter is made each morning in an electric powered churn which Will 
hand rolls into 600-700 pats which is then delivered to top hotels, restaurants and delicatessens.

Members recalled their own butter making memories followed by Anna Scott thanking Alison and Will assuring them of their interest and admiration.

The competition for Prettiest Butterdish was won by Rosalind Boomer with Jean Hughes and Heather Fleck being runners up. The ballot was won by Bina Brown and birthday flowers were presented to Betty McKeown.