Hill Street kitchens to be refurbished

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As part of the Housing Executive’s programme of investment, over £400,000 is being spent replacing 73 kitchens in houses, flats and bungalows in the Hill Street area of Lisburn over the coming weeks.

The Housing Executive has said that its staff, in partnership with consultants, JCP Consulting, have already fully consulted tenants on how their new kitchens will look.

The scheme started earlier this month and is expected to last around 21 weeks.

Customers have selected their new kitchen units and worktops from a range of options, and kitchen layouts will be improved, where necessary, to accommodate modern day appliances and living.

The Executive says it has appointed a local contractor, PK Murphy, to carry out the works to homes.

The Executive also appointed a Customer Liaison Officer who has undergone one to one consultation with tenants before the work begins in their homes.

Lisburn local office manager, Avril Shields, said:

“The Housing Executive remains committed to improving housing conditions in the Hill Street area of Lisburn.

“This further investment underpins that commitment.

“Consultation remains a key element of any successful scheme and to that end we have worked closely with our residents developing this scheme. It is important that tenants’ homes can cater for all aspects of modern day living and we believe that the provision of new kitchens is one excellent way of achieving this.

“The partnership with JCP Consulting and PK Murphy will ensure that the scheme progresses with minimum disruption for our tenants.”

The scheme is running as planned, and is expected to complete at the end of October.