Trust appeals to people to return vital equipment they no longer need

Staff from the Trust's equipment service showing the sort of aids they would like returned.

The South Eastern Health Trust is appealing to the public to search their attics, spare rooms and garages for any specialist rehabilitation equipment they no longer need.

The Trust has set aside a special week, beginning November 13, during which it is urging members of the public to return items such as specialist chairs, walking aids and showering equipment.

Much of the equipment can be cleaned and re-issued to other patients.

Margaret Moorehead, Assistant Director of Allied Health Professions, said: “There is a high demand on all this type of equipment so returning it will not only benefit another patient but also help the Trust to reuse and recycle.

“Many people need a range of rehabilitative equipment to help them while they recover from a period of ill health and the Trust is happy to loan it. However when equipment is no longer needed, it tends to be put away and forgotten about. It is a simple matter to contact our equipment service and arrange collection.

“Once the item has been collected it will be returned to our central store where it is inspected and, if fit for purpose, will be thoroughly cleansed and re-issued to another patient.”

For more information call the Community Equipment & Continence Service on 028 9536 1414 or email

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