Mary’s amazing ten stone weightloss

Mary Wisdom
Mary Wisdom

A routine visit to her doctor changed Mary Wisdom’s life and forced her to look at an issue she had been ignoring - her weight gain.

Mary from Lagmore, was then a size 26 and now thanks to Weightwatchers she looks just her twin sister a petite size eight.

Mary Wisdom

Mary Wisdom

At the doctors, blood tests revealed to Mary she was border line diabetic caused, as she was told, simply by her unhealthy lifestyle. Her doctor advised her to join a local Weightwatchers programme.

“Diabetes runs in my family,” said Mary. “I cared for my uncle, who I had to inject twice daily and knew I did not want to end up having to do the same for myself.”

The thought of being weighed terrified Mary, and even on the first morning of the Weightwatchers programme at the Brook Activity Centre she went to the class and turned back and started walking back home. She then had a change of heart and turned back. That decision was something that may have saved her life.

“I had been overweight for years,” Mary said. “I have a twin sister - we were known as Little and Large, She is a tiny size 8. We used to go shopping in a shop in the Kennedy Centre together that stocked clothes for ‘normal’ sizes as well as out sizes. My clothes were always more expensive and I guess that was because more material had to be used to make them.”

In no time Mary saw the benefits of the weight loss programme, and within two years she now looks more like her sister,

She continued, “I love the Weightwatchers programme and feel so much better now that I am like my sister, a size 8 - we now look like twins. My eating habits have now changed,

“I have breakfast which I never had before. I snack on fruit and eat loads of vegetables. I eat more now than I ever did when I was overweight. It’s just that it is better food. However, I still believe in having a treat now and again.

“I have a Chinese or a KFC at the weekend. The beauty of Weightwatchers is that you can do that. If you like a drink you can have a drink, if you like a bar of chocolate you can have a bar..nothing is off limits.

“I knew from the classes how important activity was so the day after I joined I decided, if I was going to do this I was going to do it right.

“I could only walk a very short distance at the start as I was carrying an extra 10 stone just like carrying another person. I walked with my head down..but as my exercise increased and the weight started dropping I started to hold my head up high.”

Mary even completed a leg of the Belfast Marathon.

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