Louise sheds pounds and gains a career

Louise Furben before and after
Louise Furben before and after

Lisburn mother-of-two Louise Furber lost an incredible two stone and has now gained a career as she re-launches a local Slimming world class.

Louise, mother to Ben (7) and Megan (4) lost the weight in less than three months at a Slimming World class last year.

She will now re-launch her own class at St Patricks Parochial Hall, Chapel Hill later this month.

Louise, from Thaxton, stood at over 13 stone, last September when she decided that enough was enough.

She wanted to ditch the pounds and enjoy the year, in which she celebrated her 40th birthday, in style.

She had tried a few other diets and regimes before in her attempt to lose the weight, but nothing seemed to be working for her.

There was history of obesity and high blood pressure in her family and Louise wanted to do something about her eating habits before they got out of control and impacted on her health.

Louise put on weight after having her children she wanted to do something to ensure she was able to keep up with them, be active and enjoy them.

Louise said: “I had become very complacent about my weight, I really wasn’t that happy with the way I felt in clothes, the way I looked and the way I felt when I was playing with the kids.

“Over many years I had tried loads of fad diets to try to make myself that bit more comfortable but the weight loss never lasted and I always ended up heavier in the long run.

“I didn’t want another fad diet where I ended up in bed at 7pm.

“Having listened to a few work colleagues, family and friends talking about Slimming World, it sounded like just what I was after so I bit the bullet and joined.”

Louise really enjoys the experience, the friendship, fun and ideas that she gets in a group at Slimming World. She has learnt how to make healthy versions of the foods her family eat together like, curries, pies, chips and pasta dishes.

She says: “My family are fitter and healthier thanks to the Food Optimising Plan and we are really enjoying all the delicious recipes as well as being more active together as a family.”

She launched a new Slimming World Group in the new year and can’t wait to share her experience with others at the St Patrick’s group.

“I re-launch the group on May 24,” she said.

“I am so excited about sharing my experience. Slimming World changed my life.

“I have now left my former employment. I can spend more time with my family, as well as earning a good wage.

“The flexibility is great for me.”

The Slimming World class will meet at St Patricks, Chapel Hill at 4.30pm and 6.30pm. Everyone is welcome.