Hilden man sheds ten stone

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Hilden man Mark Carlisle had every reason to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, being ten stone lighter and impatiently waiting for the summer to start.

It is then, the father-of-three believes that he can really appreciate his dramatic weight loss.

For it was after his last holiday last year, that Mark (42) decided to join Slimming World.

He had just returned from yet another miserable holiday frustrated with his weight.

He spent most of it watching his own family enjoy it from the sidelines.

“Losing weight was without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” he told The Ulster Star.

“I’m so much more confident since losing 10 stone. I’m also much more active, which means I can get involved in all family activities.

“Before losing weight, I just watched my family enjoy our last holiday.

“It was like their lives were passing me by. Now I feel like a much better parent.

“I’m not on the sidelines anymore, I will enjoy our next holiday and keep up with them. My health has benefitted in many ways, both my blood pressure medication and diabetes medication have been withdrawn since I have lost weight.”

When Mark joined Slimming World he soon found the eating plan suited his lifestyle.

“Slimming World’s eating plan fits in with our family so we can still all eat the same things,” he said.

“We often sit down together now to eat healthy, homemade meals that the whole family enjoys.

“I pick up lots of easy recipe ideas at my group which really helps.

“I used to like dishes that tend to be high in fat, but by making a few small changes to the way my favourite meals are cooked – like full English breakfasts, creamy curries, steak and chips – I can make sure they’re still filling, full of flavour and low in fat all at the same time.

“In fact, I eat more now than ever. I grill instead of fry food, swap white bread for wholemeal and going easy on the butter, I can serve up a hearty breakfast like a plateful of eggs, bacon, tomatoes.”

The Lisburn Christian Fellowship Slimming World is held every Wednesday at 6pm and Thursday at 9.30am. Call Caroline on 07843062077 for more information.