Hearing group at the Maze

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Ann Madill will share her experience on deafness when the Lisburn Ladies Hard of Hearing Group meet on Wednesday, October 7 at 10.30am in Maze Community Centre, Halftown Road, Lisburn.

The group has been in existence for 14 years and is open to ladies of all ages who have hearing loss.

It meets monthly, the first Wednesday in the month (from September to June) from 10.30am to 12noon in the Maze Community Centre, Halftown Road, Lisburne.

Set up in 2001 after funding was made available to them for ‘arts’ projects.

The Sensory Support Team had, in their referrals received, identified a need for Group work in the Lisburn area with ladies who had hearing loss.

Through input from the Social Worker, a grant was accessed from Lisburn Council which enabled 12 ladies to complete a pottery course.

The participants realised the benefits of socialising with others who ‘understood’ their hearing disability and made a decision to adopt a Constitution and form their own Group. They also receive support from a Social Worker in the Sensory Support Team who serves on Committee.

The Committee each year is committed to arranging an interesting and varied programme which meets the needs of those attending. This may include health promotion addressing women’s health issues, learning new skills (e g jewellery making and flower arranging), social outings.

However, an important component of the Group is to enable members to address their sensory disability and manage it more effectively. There is also input from the relevant Statutory and Voluntary agencies.

The Group provides an opportunity for ladies who have hearing impairment to communicate in a relaxed atmosphere and share the challenge of their ‘invisible’ disability and more importantly, to discuss solutions.