‘Divert cash from Irish language to health’

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UUP Councillor Robbie Butler has called on the Health Minister “to get his act in gear and tackle the growing waiting list crisis developing in the constituency”.

Councillor Butler said: “The waiting list crisis for people either wanting operations or needing to see consultants in the constituency is deplorable.

“The DUP Health Minister has to act soon and pump much-needed cash into tackling the waiting lists by recruiting more staff for the wards.

“He needs to implement a root and branch clear-out of the high paid fat cat managers and divert this cash to the frontline.

“If the Health Minister is short of cash to tackle the waiting lists, then perhaps he should consult with the DUP’s partner minister in the Stormont Executive, the Sinn Fein education minister, and get cash diverted from setting up Irish language schools to providing more doctors and nurses,”