Diabetes service launched

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GPs in the South Eastern Trust area are reporting fantastic outcomes for their patients with type 2 diabetes who using the revolutionary new d-Nav insulin guidance service and a GP in Glenavy is delighted to be able to refer patients to the new service.

Dr Stuart Gilmore, who is based in Glenavy said the patients he has referred have been very pleased with the results.

“We heard about the d-Nav system through the South Eastern Trust promotion of the new service,” explained Dr Gilmore.

“We arranged a meeting with them and very quickly moved into referring our diabetes patients.

“We now have eight patients on the new insulin management service and the response from them has been hugely positive.

“d-Nav is an extremely useful tool which the patients are able to understand and operate very quickly, and it’s certainly proving to have a positive impact on their day to day lives.”

There are currently over 400 patients across the South Eastern Health Trust area using the service, with funding recently put in place for up to 700 patients in total.

After seeing excellent results, the service has now been expanded and opened up to direct referral from GPs.

Already a number of GPs have referred their patients to help them take control of their insulin and gain better blood sugar control, thereby reducing the risk of serious complications from their diabetes.

Patients aged 20-75, with type 2 diabetes, who use insulin and find it difficult to change their doses or find that control is not good can benefit from d-Nav and should speak to their GP about being referred.

Patients can access the d-Nav Service via referral from their GP.

For more information contact d-Nav Facilitator, Judy Mahon on 028 9048 1762 or 07477 680098.