Call for care package for 95-year-old lady

Anna Johnston
Anna Johnston

The daughter of a 95-year-old woman from Moira, claims officials are forcing her mother into a home.

Elizabeth Johnston, a retired nurse,said it has taken months for the South Eastern Trust to sort out a care package for her mother Anna, who is currently in Craigavon Hospital.

In January, Anna suffered a chest infection back in January and was put into hospital and then into a home.

Elizabeth said she fears her mother will never return home and has pleaded with authorities to help put a care package in place.

She has even spent over £20,000 installing a bathroom into her home especially equipped for her frail mother.

Ms Johnston, who has lived with her mother in Moira for the past 20 years, said the situation has caused her much distress.

“The whole thing is making me me ill,” said Elizabeth. “My mummy is just a wee old woman.

“She loves life but is not getting a chance to live life in her twilight years.

“My mother has always said that she never wanted to go into a home. She should not be forced into this.”

Elizabeth said delays became evident soon after her mother was admitted to Craigavon Area Hospital in January for treatment for a chest infection.

Confined to a hospital bed for a month, Ms Johnston said her mother was left unable to walk and had to be transferred to Loan House in Dungannon for rehabilitation.

She remained there until June 23 but because a care package was still not in place was sent to a care home. She was a resident at Copperfields Nursing home in Aughnacloy - 40 miles from Moira until a few weeks ago when she was re-admitted to Craigavon Hospital.

“I have done everything I physically can do to get mummy home and the trust doesn’t seem to be able to get the care package together,” Elizabeth said. “At 95 every day is precious and I just don’t feel the trust is making the effort to help get her home.”

“She would do much better with me at home,” said Elizabeth.

A spokesperson for the South Eastern Trust said, “Mrs Johnston was re-admitted to Craigavon Hospital on August 2.

“New staff are currently being recruited in Moira area and it is hoped this patient’s care package will be part of a new rota in place at the end of August.”