Have you found a ladies watch in Lisburn?

Community News
Community News

A lady lost her watch in the city centre last Wednesday (May 6) and she is appealing to anyone who may have found it to get in touch.

She left her home on the Hillhall Road at approximately 3.30pm and walked into the city centre.

Whist in the city centre she visited a number of shops, including Menary’s, where she tried on a jacket. “I may have caught it when I was trying something on and it fell off.”

She also visited Greens Foodfare in Bow Street.

The watch is gold and silver with an older face. It is not expensive but is of immense sentimental value to the owner.

Is you thing you may have found the watch, please contact the Ulster Star, 12A Bow Street, Lisburn or telephone the Star on 9267 9111.