Former local man elected in Miami

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A former Lisburn resident is now one of Miami’s foremost politicians.

Ken Russell, who lived in Lisburn for a number of years and worked for Coca-Cola as a professional yo-yo player, has been elected a Commissioner on the Miami City Government.

isburn Councillor Alexander Redpath met Commissioner Russell on a recent visit to the United States.

“I was fortunate to visit Miami to represent Northern Ireland at an international congress,” explained Mr Redpath,

“During my visit, which was privately funded and did not involve any expense to the taxpayer, I was delighted to meet the City of Miami’s Vice Chairman Commissioner Ken Russell.

“Commissioner Russell lived for a time in Lisburn whilst working for Coca Cola as a professional yo-yo player managing and promoting their huge yo-yo promotion.

“I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate Commissioner Russell on his political success.

“Miami is a major vibrant international city and I am extremely proud that a resident of Lisburn has enjoyed such great success.

“I will be following his future career with great interest and will be cheering him on to even greater success.”

Commissioner Ken Russell said he had fond memories of living in Lisburn,

“I have so many great memories from my time in Lisburn,” said Mr Russell.

“Some would say that “professional yo-yo player” is a perfect prerequisite for politics in Miami.

“It certainly has its ups and downs.

“If you can believe it, we sold half a billion yo-yos in 90 countries as a promotional marketing tool for Coca-Cola.

“I managed a team of 150 field employees and 10 office staff.

“I was responsible for international sales while my brother handled logistics and manufacturing.”

Mr Russell is now a Commissioner for District 2 in Miami and loves his new role.

“I love my job representing my community and fighting for important issues,” he said.

“Perhaps, someday I’ll be able to visit Northern Ireland again,” concluded Mr Russell.