Fireworks set off during latest incident of anti-social behaviour


Police have called for local parents to take a more active role in their children’s social life following a series of anti-social behaviour incidents in Lisburn.

The call comes after it was reported that groups of youths were spotted setting off fireworks at Queen Elizabeth Playing Fields, Knockmore Road.

A spokesperson for Lisburn PSNI said: “We are continually receiving reports of anti-social behaviour at the Queen Elizabeth playing fields, beside Supervalu on the Knockmore Road. At the weekend, there was a large group of young people letting off fireworks.

“This may seem like good fun, but there is a real risk of someone being seriously hurt or worse. It is illegal to purchase or use fireworks without a licence and this type of activity could result in a criminal record.

“We have been working hard to tackle this issue, however patrols and enforcement can only achieve so much. We really need the help of the parents of these young people, who are mostly under 18, to educate their kids about the dangers and consequences of antisocial behaviour.

“Please talk to your kids about where they are going, what they are doing and who they are going to be with. Explain that underage drinking and becoming caught up in antisocial behaviour could lead to a criminal conviction which will affect their future career, travel and education prospects.

“If you are allowing your son or daughter to be in this park, after dark, you should be aware that we will be there, recording their details and contacting you to collect your child, if they have consumed alcohol.”