Fireworks licence warning

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Justice Minister David Ford has reminded the public that anyone wishing to buy, possess or use fireworks requires a licence.

Applications for the use of fireworks over the Halloween period must be submitted to the Department of Justice no later than Friday 23 October 2015.

David Ford said: “The law is very clear. For safety purposes, a licence is required to buy, sell or use fireworks. It is an offence to proceed without one. The application is very straightforward and my Department will process them as quickly as possible, although I would encourage people to submit their application in good time.”

The Minister also outlined the risks of obtaining fireworks from sources other than from a registered supplier.

He said: “Fireworks must be purchased from a supplier who has been registered by the Department of Justice. Don’t be tempted to buy from illegal sources as you will be gambling with the safety of your family and friends and could also face prosecution for breaking the law. Registered retailers should be easily identified as they must display their current licence or certificate of registration prominently at the point of sale.

“I would encourage anyone who has any information about the illegal sale of fireworks to report it to the PSNI or the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

“I appeal to everyone to act responsibly, comply with the law and use fireworks safely to help reduce firework injuries and ensure Halloween is an enjoyable time for all.”

Licence applications and a list of retailers licensed to sell fireworks are available from Application forms are also available by telephoning 0300 200 7881 or directly from a registered retailer.

The licence fee where there are less than 100 spectators is £30; for 100 to 1000 spectators is £80 and for more than 1000 spectators is £160.