Family delight as Jax is found

Six-year-old Dean is delighted to have Jax back after the family dog went missing for 14 days.
Six-year-old Dean is delighted to have Jax back after the family dog went missing for 14 days.

A Lisburn family dog missing for nearly two weeks has been found safe and well - much to the delight of six-year-old Dean Gourley.

Jax, the black Yorkshire Terrier mixed with Cocker Spaniel went missing from the Gourley family home in Hillhall almost two weeks ago.

He was found not far from the home, down the Lagan Towpath near the Civic Centre, having dug himself a hole in some brambles.

James Gourley told the Ulster Star Jax has been a integral part of the family for four years and is the best friend of young Dean, who has autism.

The entire family were left heartbroken when the dog went missing two weeks ago, a huge search was carried out by friends and family with posts in the Ulster Star and social media appealing for help.

The Gourleys grew more and more anxious as Jax was not found, despite numerous reported sightings. Then, on May Day, the family received the call they had been waiting for, Jax had been spotted and he wasn’t too far away.

James said that there is a massive relief now that the much loved pet had been found.

He said: “Everything was on hold while he was missing, I was having to get out of work to check out any reported sightings. We have a caravan in Newcastle and we didn’t want to go down there without him - it wouldn’t have felt right.

“Then on Monday we got a call, he had been living in this hole not too far from our house. Jax looks like skin and bones, he’s exhausted. We took him to the vet to get a check up and everything is fine.

“We just need to get plenty of water in to him. He’s also been to the groomers for a hair cut so he’s looking better.

“We are all so happy and Dean, especially, has got his best buddy back. He’s been lying at the bottom of Dean’s bed and he’s happy to be home.

“The whole family wants to thank everyone who helped share the word about Jax being missing and for all the people who helped us look for him and of course the gentleman who actually found him.”