Facebook hopes Roads Service will “look into” local potholes


As we all celebrated National Pothole Day last Thursday, we took the opportunity to have a look into all of Lisburn’s road depressions (pun intended).

We asked you all to keep us posted with all the worst ones in the area and you were tripping over each other to highlight the biggest holes in Lisburn.

Andy Megahey was first to report a snug fit for his alloys on Market Street: “I seen one at river island 15”” wheels fit perfectly” but Collin McCall was the bringer of good tidings for Andy’s long-suffering car. “They mysteriously fixed this one within the past 1-2 days. Must have known pot hole day was coming,” he said., “.....and they didn’t want to be crowned winner!!” added Jackie Fleming.

Kathy McMaster put forward her nomination for the prestigious ‘Biggest hole in Lisburn’ award, claiming she almost fell foul of its dangers: “There’s a huge one on white lane. I nearly wrecked the car the other night coming down it.”

Other key candidates were “near Mourneview entrance on Brokerstown Road,” nominated by Jonny Corry among others as well as other potholes on Cross Lane and “just out side first lisburn church,” pointed out by Tanya Loten. She said it was a “disgrace.”

Vickie Blake thought we should be having a ‘spot the good road’ competition. “Easier question would be where would you not find a pot hole,” she said.

Tom Porter, the cheeky imp, shamelessly stole our pun (and it still made us laugh): “A large pothole has appeared in Wallace Avenue - Road Services are looking into it .... PMSL.”

Stuart Watson highlighted the perils of local roads for those on two wheels.

“As a cyclist there isn’t a single good road in lisburn,” he said. “The a1 from queens rd all the way into Belfast is horrendous.”

Anne Blake was rather distressed by the whole thing: “So road service call them depressions no that’s want happens when you wreck your wheel.”

Most alarming of all however, was revelations whispered by Lizzie Price. She had her own conspiracy theory as to where these annoying road holes night just be coming from.

“Pothole?” she asked. “Thats a t.rex footprint....” Anyone out in Lisburn in the cover of darkness then, mind your guard and always keep you camera at the ready. Perhaps Jurassic Park has become more 3D than ever.

Despite all of the issues, DUP councillor Alex Redpath backed the authorities to deal with any oustanding issues in the area. “I have always found Transport NI to be more than receptive to assist with any issues brought to their attention and look forward to enjoying the same relationship throughout 2015,” he said.