Executive acts on Beechland Drive weeds

Some of the weeds that have been taking over Adrian's garden.
Some of the weeds that have been taking over Adrian's garden.

The Housing Executive has responded promptly after an elderly Lisburn resident complained about Executive owned gardens becoming overgrown and encroaching into his garden.

Adrian Whitby, 83, was fed up as weeds had started to take over the lawn at his Beechland Drive home.

Four gardens, owned by the Housing Executive, back onto Adrian’s garden, and had not been cut, with Adrian claiming the weeds reached two metres high at one point.

He said: “The Housing Executive never cut it.

“I used to look after it myself to make sure the weeds didn’t come into my garden but I’m too old to be doing that anymore.

“I had to get someone out to cut the weeds back away from my garden. The Housing Executive cut them down a wee bit a few months a go but they told my daughter they would be cutting them fully.”

The Housing Executive said that it had been out to the area and had the weeds cut away.

A spokesperson said: “On 23 September we issued a job to clear the area near Beechland Drive to our contractor and this was completed on 8 October.

“Our local Grounds Maintenance Manager inspected the site today (21 Oct) and confirmed the work is complete.”

Adrian hopes the Housing Executive continue the upkeep of the gardens and offered a possible solution to the weed problem.

He said: “I don’t see why they can’t put something down on it to stop the weeds growing.”