Exciting new plans for garden village

A convenience store, coffee shop restaurant with outside dining are part of exciting new plans for Ballantine Garden Village at Hillhall Road.

Developers WJ Law say the new features will be designed in a style in keeping with the village ethos. This goes right down to outside the post office within the convenience store.

At Ballantine, the aim is to create a “holistic village” with all the ingredients which go together to make a vibrant and sustainable community.

These include the physical trappings such as the variety of homes from two to five bedrooms, bus links and homes for the retired as well as the integrated and award winning landscaping.

The vision includes the aim to provide a product for a discerning customer; often detached with four and five bedrooms. Most homes also have sunrooms with vaulted ceilings where the kitchen living space can spill over into this snug reception room.

Also all homes also have en – suite bathrooms, utility rooms and dressing rooms; several feature “his and hers” dressing rooms. The vision sees these desirable homes orientated to make best use of a South and Westerly aspect for precious summer al fresco evenings, and all are contained within a vernacular style which pays homage to pleasing architectural principles long established.

Buyers have literally bought into this vision since 2007 with well over 100 homes completed to date; and the very considerable financial commitment by buyers is reflected in the pride in which Ballantine is held, not least in the smooth running of the Ballantine Garden Village Management Company which looks after the landscaped spaces so well.

In addition the management agents on behalf of the company looks after matters from the annual garden party to window cleaning of the Hawksmore House, the centrepiece apartments designed and built for the retired.

Visible from both the M1 and the busy Hillhall Road, Ballantine is very well known to commuters.

Ballantine is open for private viewing by appointment to info@wjlaw.co.uk plus each Saturday from 10.30am to 12pm. www.ballantinegardenvillage.co.uk