Estates once again at risk of being cut off in icy conditions


“Roads Service has not learned the lessons from previous spells of bad weather.”

These were the words of SDLP Councillor, Brian Heading, as he spoke of housing estates such as the Lagmore Mount Eagles area again left at risk of being cut off due to ice.

Questioning if the DRD had a mutual agreement for sharing of resources for periods of severe weather, councillor Heading said: “Roads Service has again been caught on the hop, leaving some housing estates with severe difficulties. Emergency services would have great difficulty getting access to the Lagmore Mount Eagles area as the roads have not been gritted.

“The last thing anyone wants is a repeat of 2013, when residents were cut off for three days. There is only one road into and out of this estate. If this is impassable, traffic to the estate will be cut off again.”

Councillor Heading questioned whether or not the DRD had a mutual agreement with the National Roads Authority in the Republic for support during periods of severe weather and if so then steps should be taken to make our roads safer. If not an agreement should be implemented.