Epilepsy woman is ‘housebound’

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A local woman who suffers from Epilepsy claims that living on the top floor flat in Beechmount has made her miserable and housebound.

Paige McAfee, says she has been falling down flights of stairs since she was diagnosed a year ago and as a result has not only suffered broken bones on a number of occassions but a number of miscarriages too.

Paige (22) of Ashley Place, who has had around ten seizures in a year, has been living in the flat for two years.

Even then when she was offered the second floor flat she was told she had no choice of what home she could have.

She said that the Epilepsy has made her afraid to go out and she often locks herself in her home all day until her mother visits.

“I need to be with someone if I am to go up or down the stairs,” Paige said.

“I cannot even go to the shop as it is too risky for me to go down the stairs alone so I just stay at home.

“I just cannot go out all the time as my mum cannot be with me all the time

“I broke my arm going down the stairs but have also broken my tail bone and my ribs which, as you can imagine, was very sore.

“I have suffered concussion and have even suffered a broken neck.

“I have contacted The Housing Executive who have not offered me anything I’m afraid.” she continued.

“I just need somewhere suitable like a ground floor flat and I would take anywhere.

“I just want somewhere suitable as a top floor flat is just not suitable.”

A spokesperson for the Housing Executive said, “We can confirm we received an application from our tenant to transfer which was assessed based on the information provided at that time.

“All social housing accommodation in the areas in which our tenant would like to move to are in high demand and low turnover.

“We are pursuing additional information to support the transfer application and we will keep in contact with our tenant regarding the housing options available.”