Partnership staff trek hills for Street View

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Belfast Hills Partnership became aware that a new service was being offered by Google via their Google maps and Google Earth programmes which many people now use for researching and accessing maps of sites to visit.

This new Google Trekker service means that 360 degree imagery normally provided by their Street View service can now be reproduced for off road paths and trails.

Belfast Hills Partnership jumped at the chance to record all their main footpaths over a three week period last autumn and the results of their work with Google have just been published online.

“It was no mean feat lugging a 42 pound backpack up and down hill tracks across our main public sites,” said Manager Jim Bradley.

“We had four fit volunteers and staff taking turns to pound the paths while the machine took 24 photographs per minute using 15 high tech cameras.

“We managed to cover over 10 miles of paths but looking at the footage for all these paths it was well worth it.

“We believe this is a great introduction and taster for tourists and local people who have yet to try some of our sites.”