Make Lagan Valley a litter free zone

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Councillor Robbie Butler has called on the entire community to help boost farm tourism throughout Lagan Valley by making the region a “litter free zone”.

He said many in the agricultural sector knew that diversification was the way forward to ensure the future of the industry and farm tourism was a key method.

“This is why the community should help in whatever way possible to ensure Lagan Valley, and indeed the wider Northern Ireland, becomes a litter free zone,” said Mr Butler.

“We have in our Province, and especially in Lagan Valley, wonderful opportunities where the farm tourism potential can be developed even further, and we all as responsible citizens have a role to play is giving visitors to the region a good impression.

“This can be achieved primarily with everyone playing their part in making Lagan Valley a litter free zone.

“Our locality boasts some of the best natural tourist attractions in the Province.

“These, and other attractions, are visited by thousands of people annually, so it is imperative the Stormont Executive supports farm house accommodation for tourists, as well as develop the bed and breakfast market based in the agricultural sector. It is not just enough for the tourism organisations to promote farm attractions, there must be cash made available by the Executive and especially the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to help support any industry in the Lagan Valley region which is in the business of developing farm tourism.

“For this also to be achieved, there must be a clean and well kept rural communities, and I would also call on the roads people to ensure our roads are kept litter free. If Lagan Valley is to develop a booming farm tourism industry, we must equally ensure there is an effective partnership.”