Locals cry foul across the city

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Recent reports of Parkland Avenue residents’ unrest over dog-fouling have prompted similar complaints across Lisburn.

People throughout the city have spoken out on the issue, while the council has responded by outlining how it is tackling the problem.

The Star reported last week how residents in Parkland Avenue had to get Environmental Health to clean their street twice in one week because of dog fouling.

Responding on social media, Joanne Phillips said: “I’d say most places are the same. Wallace Park is a joke. Yes I know there are people who do lift the mess but taking young kids to the park is a nightmare as nine times out of 10 they step in something.”

Lyndsey McKernon highlighted Killowen Grange as another area affected.

“Killowen Grange is the same,” she said. “It’s disgusting.

“It hardly takes much effort to clean up after your dog.

“If there’s no poop bags left in our house, the dog doesn’t get walked until there is.”

Hillsborough doesn’t avoid the dog-fouling problem either.

Jennifer Crossland said: “Hillsborough forest park is awful for dog’s dirt. I live locally and I am embarrassed with visitors coming to the park.

“Have never seen anyone cleaning the park. And also so many people with dogs off leads running around and jumping up on people.

“I just avoid it. Its not really an enjoyable place to go.”

A council spokesperson said: “The council’s cleansing team has a regular street and park cleansing schedule.

“The council will continue to promote the importance of responsible dog ownership and monitor the situation to ensure as far as possible that all dog-owners and dog-walkers are cleaning up after their dogs.

“Dog-fouling is illegal, unhealthy and unsightly and does have a detrimental impact on the entire community.

“The council would urge anyone who witnesses dog-fouling to please report the matter to the council immediately by calling 028 9049 4500.