Driver left outraged as car is hit with ball

Public realm works in Lisburn. US1448-509cd  Picture: Cliff Donaldson
Public realm works in Lisburn. US1448-509cd Picture: Cliff Donaldson

A local woman was left shocked when her vehicle was hit by a football, being kicked around by contractors working on the city centre public realm scheme.

Whilst sitting in traffic she said she observed the men in what used to be the sunken garden playing football and trowing building materials around the site.

“I was stuck in traffic in Market Square close to the Lisburn City Centre Management offices and I was amazed to see the workmen throwing building materials around like a frisbee,” she explained,

“A few minutes later my car was rocked as a football, which they had also been playing with outside the Linen Centre, struck my car with some considerable force.

“When a workman came to retrieve his ball from the midst of the traffic, I suggested they could perhaps be doing something more useful with their time.

“I received the abrupt response that they were “on a break”.

“Everyone is entitled to a break and I would never suggest this kind of behaviour is what is slowly up progress on the work. However, surely this is a dangerous use of their time.

“What if the ball had hit a child or someone elderly? Or caused an accident on the road? Or smashed a window in a shop? Who would have taken responsibilty for that?

“I am certain that if it was a crowd of children or teenagers playing ball in the middle of the city centre, they would quickly be told to stop.”

No-one from Lis burn City Council was available to comment at the tiime of going to press.