Energy plant firm to hold information days

A visual of Lisburn Energy Recovery plant.
A visual of Lisburn Energy Recovery plant.

The firm behind an approved application to build a energy plant on the Moira Road will hold public information days to update residents on its plans.

Lisburn Energy Recovery, part of Energos, will host two information events to update residents and businesses on minor changes to its existing and approved planning permission to build a clean, green energy recovery plant at the old Burnhouse site.

The events will take place on Friday, March 6 at Laganview Enterprise Centre (Resurgam Trust) from 1pm until 7.30pm and on Saturday, March 7 at Vic Ryn from 9am until 1pm.

The company has been active in Lisburn since 2009 and is transforming the derelict industrial site , to generate renewable electricity to power 17,500 homes and potentially businesses. Pre-construction work has commenced to clear the site of equipment and buildings. “Due to improvements in our technology, we have submitted a number of minor changes to our existing and approved planning permission to DOE Planning Service,” said Nick Baston, planning manager, Lisburn Energy Recovery.

“Lisburn City Council will also be fully consulted and a party to the determination process keeping in mind our ethos and aim to support Lisburn socially, economically and environmentally. We are committed to working with and talking to local residents and businesses to keep them informed of progress and discuss and address any issues or concerns they have regarding our plans. We look forward to the Public Information events and we encourage people to attend.”

Proposed changes include capacity for 100,000 tonnes of non-hazardous residual waste, up from 80,000; an increase in vehicle movements to 78 per day, up from 60 and a small increase in footprint by area making the plant 8% larger. Lisburn Energy Recovery says it will use the proven Energos gasification technology that has improved since the approved scheme was developed in 2008. It now operates more efficiently and with reduced noise level, explained the firm.

Construction is due to begin in late 2016 and will provide a small scale solution for managing local waste, minimising traffic movements, incorporating effective robust environmental controls and minimising emissions to the atmosphere. The company intends to work with young people and schools to increase awareness of renewable energy and 100 jobs will be created via construction contracts over a two-year period. An additional 30 jobs will be created in administration, management, plant operation and maintenance.