Endorsement for UUP candidate

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A former NI21 Council candidate has endorsed Ulster Unionist Parliamentary Candidate Councillor Alexander Redpath.

NI21 which is led by Lagan Valley MLA Basil McCrea are not fielding a candidate in Lagan Valley.

Neil McNickle who stood for NI21 in last year’s council elections in Downshire West endorsed Councillor Redpath. “I joined NI21 because I was disillusioned with the current parties and wanted a vehicle to advance pro-union, non-sectarian, centre right politics,” said Mr McNickle.

“Sadly NI21 slowly discarded these values culminating with their decision three days before the local government elections to reclassify themselves from “unionist” to “other”.

“Sadly I believe that under Basil McCrea’s leadership NI21 stand for nothing and have disowned any values which they once stood for.

“Their decision to field no candidates in this election is symptomatic of a party that is both ideologically and politically bankrupt.

“I got to know Councilor Alex Redpath when I stood against him in Downshire West.

“I was impressed with the way he conducted himself throughout the election and I have had the opportunity to work with him after his election on a number of constituency issues facing Moira.

“I believe he embodies the progressive, non-sectarian, centre right unionism that I believe him and I am happy to lend him my support in this election.”

Commenting on the endorsement Cllr Alexander Redpath said: “I have been amazed with the levels of support on the doorstep and the stories of people disillusioned with politics intending to give me a chance.

“I welcome Neil’s endorsement and I hope that many more former NI21 supporters will return to the fold in this election.”