Elderly couple uninjured but left badly
shaken after aggravated burglary

The 'Glengoland Park area of Dunmurry after two pensioners had been robbed
The 'Glengoland Park area of Dunmurry after two pensioners had been robbed

An elderly couple were left badly shaken after an

aggravated burglary at their Dunmurry home on Saturday evening.

The incident happened in the Glengoland Park area sometime between 6.50pm and 7pm.

Two males, armed with a hammer and dressed in balaclavas and gloves, entered the house of the couple, who are both aged in their 70s.

They made off with some jewellery.

The husband and wife were not injured in the incident but were left shaken.

Alliance MLA Anna Lo said she was “shocked to hear what the elderly couple have been put through”.

“I utterly condemn this,” she said.

“Aggravated burglary really traumatises people because it is just not about taking things from people.

“Elderly people feel vulnerable when people come into their home like that and it has a psychological effect that will last for a long time, if it ever goes away.

“I appeal to anyone who may have seen anything in that area or who knows anything to come forward to the police to stop these types of crimes from happening in Northern Ireland.”

Ms Lo added: “Christmas is a difficult time and some people are desperate for money, so I would urge the elderly and all householders to be careful about opening their doors.

“It is also important to keep a close eye on your elderly relations and neighbours, keep alert, keep your burglar system on at night and when you leave the house, and check doors and windows to make sure they are locked.

“My heart goes out to this elderly couple and I hope they recover from their ordeal as soon as possible.”