Wallace High pupils visit London

Wallace High School pupils recently enjoyed an action-packed trip to London.

Teachers Mr Armstrong and Mr Elliott led the Year 13 Politics class on the three-day visit .

Head of Department, Mr Neil Armstrong, said everyone enjoyed a fun-packed, educational and truly memorable trip.

“Upon arrival in London,” he said, “we took the Tube to our first stop at Speakers’ Corner.

“Speakers’ Corner is an institutional cornerstone of British democracy and it allows anyone the opportunity to speak, debate and discuss any of the major issues of the day.

“Having digested a range of conflicting political and ideological viewpoints, we made our way to No 10 Downing Street.

“We then had the added bonus of being allowed to go down Downing Street.”

Mr Armstrong took the group on a walking tour of the area, up to Trafalgar Square, and later they had the chance to experience the London Eye.

On day two, they visited the Houses of Parliament and met their local MP Jeffrey Donaldson.

“This session was invaluable for the students in trying to understand and articulate the important role played by MPs and Parliament in the democratic processes in the UK,” said Mr Armstrong. “Students challenged Mr Donaldson on a number of issues relevant to them, whilst also learning about the practicalities of being an elected representative.”

The group also visited the UK Supreme Court in Parliament Square and had the opportunity to question Lord Justice Kerr, Northern Ireland’s only Supreme Court Justice.

On the final day of the trip, the pupils visited the Churchill War Rooms, which Churchill and his Cabinet used during the World War Two London ‘Blitz’.

“Our last stop of the trip saw us visit The Wallace Collection,” ssid Mr Armstrong, “The Wallace Collection is named after the founder of our school and it houses an art and mediaeval weapons display to rival that of the National Gallery and the Louvre.

“ Our tour guide expertly led us around the myriad rooms and corridors whilst extolling the virtues of the Wallace family and its close link to Lisburn.”