VIDEO: Friends School gets a blast of colour

Friends’ are becoming renowned for their quirky videos.

We’ve all already seen their viral Lipdub video, which has amassed over 459,000 Youtube hits.

Runnerslooking a little red in the face. US1517-638cd

Runnerslooking a little red in the face. US1517-638cd

Now they’ve released footage of last week’s Colour Run, which raised an estimated £11,000 for Habitat for Humanity NI.

Last Wednesday the whole school, staff and pupils, were pelted with colour to raise money for the charity focused on raising awareness on homelessness and poverty.

They went way beyond their original target of £1,235 - roughly the average cost of building a home in the third world.

In October last year, the whole FSL Habitat team, a diverse team involving a mix of various religions and ethnicites, went to Windsor Presbyterian Church as part of the Habitat project.

While there, they helped renovate the old church hall into a cross community centre, not only to help both sides of the community in a religious sense, but also to help bring those of different classes together and help eradicate social prejudice in that area.