Successes make ‘head hunting’ tough on college

Head boy and girl with some pupils of Laurelhill High
Head boy and girl with some pupils of Laurelhill High

Following what the school described as its best ever AS results , Laurelhill Community College’s Head of sixth form Karen Stewart, faced a difficult decision in appointing its Head Girl and Head Boy.

A spokesperson said: “With university applications and interview procedures beginning, Year 14 students were invited to apply for prefect posts.

“This year the quality of application was outstanding and it was difficult to shortlist without feeling quality candidates were being omitted.

“It would be difficult to compete against some of these young people on paper given the breadth of experience they have on their CVs. In September, interviews for Head Girl, Head Boy and their deputies took place.

“The procedure was formal and candidates were given a time at which to turn up and were scored on their general demeanour and appearance as well as their answers to some pertinent questions.

“Again, shortlisting the final three was not simple; all students had prepared well and had clearly benefited from the interview experiences in Year 13 Careers classes.

“The final three students were interviewed again with only one question asked.

“Four excellent answers were given, confirming we had the right folk in front of us with two outstanding responses making the final appointments clear.

“Congratulations to Kerri Smyth -Head girl and Harry Graham Head Boy; also to their deputies Jessica Wray, Amy, Lundy, Jack Maxwell and Nathan Lilburn and all our new prefects for 2016-2017.”