Remembrance Day marked in Killowen PS

The boys and girls of Killowen Primary School took time from their busy classrooms and school life to plan, prepare and share their thoughts on remembering the contribution of the Armed Services.

To invited guests who included Jeffrey Donaldson MP, Lisburn Mayor Councillor Thomas Beckett, Mrs Brenda Hale MLA, representatives from Thiepval Barracks, the Royal British Legion and many others connected with the school community, the pupils stirred the emotions as they presented a unique reflection on the impact of conflict upon families and family life.

Focusing in on two particular themes – the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2 and 100 years of the role of women throughout conflict, the children captivated their audience.

All 400 children contributed to the service in a number of ways but in particular the Primary 4 and 6 year groups lead the way in providing a powerful, yet child-appropriate message. The children very sensitively reminded everyone of the importance of holding onto and treasuring the memories of so many who have bravery served to preserve freedom whilst sacrificing their own opportunities.

The service began with P6 pupils dramatizing how life in WW2 would have looked from their perspective, illustrating many significant events such as the how life would have been in the cities, rationing and evacuation, right through to the jubilation, for many, at the end of the war.

The entire P4 year group then joined in to perform a medley of uplifting and iconic war-time songs which were sung beautifully. The P4 pupils went on to play tribute to the often forgotten about contribution, played by women, over the last 100 years. A number of pupils demonstrated the wide and varied jobs that women took on and to which the country was indebted to before they showed how times and attitudes have changed, with the roles that women now occupy in modern society.

Mrs Brenda Hale MLA was invited to share her experience and she told her poignant story about life as a soldier’s wife and her role as a mother during the days when her husband was away on a tour of duty.

After P6 pupils acted out a war time poem, Killowen took time to remember Major John Jamison, a great contributor to school life, who sadly passed away during the year.

Mrs Douglas, Principal, thanked all of the children for how well they have delivered their message and also was appreciative of all who took part or attended. The school choir concluded with a beautiful rendition of ‘Dear Lord and Father of Mankind’.