Principal, governors and pupils let down by proposal - Dornan

Alliance Councillor Brian Dornan says Lisburn City Council has been let down by objections to plans for increased enrolment at Rowandale Integrated Primary school.

“Disappointed understates my reaction,” he said.

“This response lets this council down.

“It does justice neither to the public service, hard work and commitment of the principal, governors and staff of Rowandale nor to this council which should produce constructive comment to assist the SEELB and the Department of Education in decision-making.

“It is so poor it is disrespectful.

“This development proposal is fundamentally about parental choice.

“There is no more important decision for parents and families than how their children will be educated. It is of vital importance that parents are able to have their children educated in a school which reflects their values, ethos and culture.

“As a parent and grandparent of children who have been or are being educated, by our family’s choice, in integrated schools, I cannot convey how important it has been to us to have our values and choices respected.”