New principal at Wallace Prep

Mr Richard Lawther pictured with P4 pupils working on their November firework project.
Mr Richard Lawther pictured with P4 pupils working on their November firework project.

Richard Lawther took over as Principal of Wallace Prep in September and it has not taken him long to settle in.

Mr Lawther has been ‘thoroughly impressed’ by the welcome he received from everyone.

He said: “The courteous behavior of our pupils continues to amaze me. A clear family ethos runs throughout the school and a real sense of commitment to Wallace and its excellent reputation.

“The caring, supportive interactions between the staff, teaching and non-teaching, and the pupils really struck me. Having taught in a much larger primary school, it was difficult to get to know every child but here each child is known to all staff allowing for their individuals needs supported and accomplishments celebrated.”

Mr Lawther graduated from Stranmillis University College in 2007 with a First Class Honours degree and then worked in Towerview Primary School in Bangor for eight years.

Mr Lawther said that working with children is the most enjoyable aprt of his job.

He said: “I love how, in a matter of seconds, I can go from the stresses of targets, statistics and bureaucracy in the office, to talking to a child about Spiderman or playing in the sand tray. I love how I never know where a particular lesson is going to lead; children really do have the ability to make you laugh and even de-stress.

“I remember getting a letter from a parent telling me I had given her son a ‘chance in life’. This is what my job’s about. There is no greater feeling in teaching than when you see a flame being ignited inside a child’s mind or when you the see that ‘penny’ dropping.

“As teachers we have the wonderful opportunity and power to, not only create the next generation, but recognise and nurture what our children can do today. If I can have some positive influence on a child’s life then I have succeeded.”

Mr Lawther outlined his vision for the school.

He said: “Our Vision in Prep is ‘Creating Confident Children’. We will continue to be committed to developing and celebrating the individual strengths and talents of each child within Prep, actively encouraging and supporting them to fulfil their potential and to achieve a high standard of education.

“I am really looking forward to selling the unique opportunities that our thriving department has to offer.”