Head pleased at ‘outstanding’ school report

Colin Ford Principal of Ballycarrickmaddy PS
Colin Ford Principal of Ballycarrickmaddy PS

The Principal of Ballycarrickmaddy Primary School has praised staff and pupils after the school received what has been described as an ‘outstanding’ inspection report.

Mr Colin Ford spoke of his delight at the recent report highlighting the children’s excellent standards in literacy and numeracy.

The report stated, “In the areas inspected, the quality of education provided by this school is very good.

“The school is meeting very effectively the educational and pastoral needs of the children, and has demonstrated its capacity for sustained self-improvement.”

Mr Ford said, “To have received such a positive endorsement from the Education and Training Inspectorate gives the school the confidence to continue to develop everything we do at Ballycarrickmaddy.

“ I am most fortunate to have a very hard-working and dedicated staff team.”

The report found the school’s provision for meeting the needs of children who require additional support with aspects of their learning, to be ‘outstanding’.

It went on to say: “All of the children are well-motivated and engage enthusiastically with their learning.”

It also praised the professionalism, skill and expertise of the “highly motivated” staff at Ballycarrickmaddy Primary School.

It described the leadership and management within the school as, again, ‘outstanding’.

It read; “Over the last two years senior leaders have worked conscientiously and led very effectively the staff, teaching and non-teaching, with the purpose of promoting the school’s vision statement, ‘Learning for Life’, and improving the standards achieved by all children.”