Doctor Deborah spends summer of science in Geneva

Dr Deborah Hunter
Dr Deborah Hunter

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Dr Deborah Hunter, of Cargycreevy, secured a place to work with other physicists and engineers probing the fundamental structure of the universe during the summer programme.

She described CERN as a “truly inspirational place to work” after she was selected for the programme from among 500 applicants worldwide.

Deborah, who holds a First Class MSc degree and a PhD in Physics from Belfast’s Queen’s University, said, “I was honoured to be selected for such a prestigious programme, which offers scientists and educators the opportunity to explore the facilities and work alongside world-leading experts.

“It was an amazing experience to meet like-minded scientists who share a passion for particle and medical physics research.”

Located north of Geneva. CERN was founded in 1954 as one of Europe’s first joint ventures bringing 21 member states together to operate the world’s largest particle physics laboratory.

There Dr Hunter worked on a project involving hadrontherapy, the treatment of cancerous tumours using charged particles such as protons and carbon ions.

She led the presentation of the medical applications work group under the guidance of Professor Manjit Dosanjh, a world expert in cancer therapy.

Having received recognition for her delivery and performance, Deborah has been invited to give talks and seminars to schools as far afield as Canada.

She and her colleagues witnessed the ‘pentaquark’ discovery which inundated CERN with news reporters from around the world.

Deborah also had the opportunity to question the General Director, Professor Rolf-Dieter Heuer, about the future role of CERN.

Deborah and Gina Noble, a science lecturer, also organised the first ever Space Camp at the Titanic Quarter Campus of Belfast Metropolitan College this summer.