Ballymacrickett principal’s ‘delight’ with inspection report

The Ballymacrickett kids do some inspecting of their own.
The Ballymacrickett kids do some inspecting of their own.

The principal of Ballymacrickett Primary School and Nursery Unit in Glenavy, Mr Danny Mulholland has spoken of his delight at the indings of a recent Education and Training Inspectorate Inspection Report.

Inspectors described the leadership and management within the school as ‘outstanding’ and the nursery provision as ‘outstanding,’ while the achievements and standards and provision for learning were classed as ‘very good.’

Training to be a doctor.

Training to be a doctor.

Mr Mulholland praised the staff and children for their achievements while the inspectors congratulated Ballymacrickett Primary School and Nursery Unit as having achieved the top level in the performance bands.

The outcome of the report, the highest that can be given to a school read, “The school has a high level of capacity for sustained improvement.”

“We are all delighted with the feedback from the Education and Training Inspectorate,” Mr Mulholland said.

“The recognition, in the opening statement that the school motto: Happy Together, Learning Forever is evidenced in the welcoming, respectful atmosphere that permeates the school is particularly pleasing.

Hard at work at Ballymacrickett.

Hard at work at Ballymacrickett.

“It is our motto, with its associated vision statement, that drives everything we do at Ballymacrickett.”

Ballymacrickett Primary School and Nursery Unit is a maintained primary school situated a mile from Glenavy with an enrolment of 379 pupils. Over the previous four years the nursery unit has been operating at full capacity and the enrolment in the primary school has steadily increased.

“The senior leadership team plan and work collaboratively, drawing on individual strengths to promote improvement throughout the school using a strategic, pastoral approach through which the staff are valued and supported,” the report read.

“A wide range of appropriate policies are in place which support a rich culture of review and development for school improvement.”

The report also described the children as ‘respectful’ pupils who engage well with visitors and staff, and who are ‘articulate and motivated learners.’

They described the majority of the lessons as being either ‘very good’ or ‘outstanding,’ and children who receive withdrawal support as having ‘outstanding progress.’

The nursery children were also described by the inspectors as ‘well settled’ and ‘making outstanding progress.’

Teachers and classroom assistants were praised for their hard work in providing a learning environment that supports the ‘emotional and social development’ of the children and the child-centred ethos they said is evident throughout the life and work of the school.