Education failings key issue says candidate

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Lisburn North SDLP candidate, Nicola Turtle, has said that educational underachievement is a major issue for young people in the city.

“Educational underachievement must be addressed wherever it is found, regardless of what side of the community it comes from,” she said. “Underachievement and unemployment are major issues facing Northern Ireland’s young people and this must be tackled as a matter of urgency.

“According to a recent report by community relations, it appears The situation is most acute for Protestant males receiving free school meals, members of the travelling community and members of the Roma community. But it is important that we recognise that the problem exists right across our community.

“Low educational achievement puts young people at a severe disadvantage. It has adverse implications for employment and for economic recovery in this region. We must invest in our young people by providing them with the skills and the confidence to grow and develop.

“The education minister and the executive must implement a strategy to help tackle the causes of underachievement and help young people reach their full